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Stof Fabrics - Danish Company with Tradition

  • Since the founding of the company in the 70ies, our name has been a guarantee for unique design and high quality.
  •  In the 80ies, we started to specialize in fabrics used for Patchwork and Quilting and quickly felt the inclination to create our own designs.
  • The passion and love we have for beautiful design and high-quality fabrics have always kept us going. Little by little, a unique selection of our own designs was created:
  • And while our collections kept developing, our designs went worldwide! In 2014, we decided to make fabrics for interior and clothing, while still continuing to make patchwork fabrics. Our Avalana Jersey was an immediate success - especially our Jersey designs for kids.  
  • Our goal is to keep making high-quality fabrics with beautiful designs. We hope that you will enjoy our fabrics as much as we enjoy making them!

 Morten Fredsbo and René Lohmann

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