Posted by Barbara on June 28th, 2015

Am I the only person who used to crawl around on the kitchen floor tacking quilts together before laboriously hand quilting them over a period of many months, or even several years?

New technology’s a wonderful thing isn’t it?  I remember when machine quilting was frowned upon by many.  Nowadays longarm quilters are in hot demand as quilters enjoy making their large quilt tops and leaving the quilting to those with the machines which make it all so much quicker, easier and less back breaking.  That said, I do quilt my smaller wall quilts myself, both by machine and by hand because I enjoy the process.  I no longer hand baste them though, pins and spray have replaced that.

Lately I’m having to get my head around new communication technology in the form of social media. 

While I chat on line happily on a personal level, business Facebook is quite different and I believe it’s important to the growth of the quilting industry to get on board with it.  While a website provides information in a more formal way and seems essential to businesses these days, Facebook is an instant “Hey look at this” format.  According to an article I read this morning three hundred million photos are added to Facebook daily.  I enjoy learning new skills and there’s more to business Facebook than having a chat, sharing the odd recipe or inspirational saying and posting holiday pics.
Social media 2

 As a wholesale business I think the role of our Facebook page is to inform viewers about new products, excite them about new ranges and offer access to free patterns, enthuse and encourage and support quilt stores and groups in New Zealand by promoting upcoming quilt shows and events.  There are many useful articles about Facebook for businesses available free online and social media is a valuable tool but I’m finding, like anything else, it takes time to learn how to use it to best advantage so that it fulfils it’s role as a business resource. Some of our posts reach several hundred people so we need to take advantage of that.  It’s probably timely to ask “What else would you like to see on our page? “   How can we better promote the NZ patchwork retailers and quilting in New Zealand in general?  Let us know………………….



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