Posted by Barbara on July 5th, 2015

IMAGE TRANSFER PAPERS – offer exciting  opportunities for easily printing images to fabric, direct printing of applique patterns onto fusible sheets and all manner of textile art.  I have memories of learning to transfer an image onto fabric using some kind of solution in a jar and the back of a teaspoon.  Now I just run a paper through my printer.  Different papers, different effects. 
PHOTO FABRIC PAPER      Transfer artist paper

By far our biggest selling image transfer is cotton photo fabric paper.  It’s easy to use – I don’t even bother to change the settings on my printer.  Did you know it also comes in Silk for a finer look and Cotton Twill for a coarser canvas-style appearance?  You can also buy it 6” x 4” sheets which are perfect for printing out just one photo at a time.

I like Transfer Artist paper when I want the fabric I’m going to transfer onto to be part of the image or when I want to add paint, drawing or stamping to the image at the same time.  Unlike photo fabric paper where the image sits on top of a white fabric, with TAP the transfer goes directly onto another fabric which then shows through adding extra texture and interest. You can also overlap images for a layered or collaged look and TAP will transfer onto glass, wood, paper, in fact almost any surface.
space quilt

 Sometimes I aim for an imperfect transfer if that’s the effect I want by simply not ironing it exactly according to the instructions.  On this photo of my Space quilt you can just make out images of members of the Enterprise being beamed up by Scotty.  I deliberately printed them imperfectly onto dark fabric to convey (hopefully) the sense of the ‘beaming up” process.  Some of the text on the quilt was also printed using TAP onto a grey fabric.  I used photo fabric paper for most of the other images.
Here's a video by Lesley Riley on Transfer Artist paper :

PRINTABLE FUSIBLES allow you to print applique patterns directly onto the paper rather than having to trace them..    Steam-A-seam in both light and ordinary weights are now available in printer friendly sheets which have grids on them to aid in tracing.  Print Fuse is also available in printer friendly sheets without grids and acts in a similar way to steam-a-seam
Steam a seam print fuse wash away applique

Wash away applique sheets are printable and allow you to fuse the patterns to the wrong side of your fabric, turn under the edges and stitch to the background and then wash in warm water to dissolve away the paper.

You can see our range of image transfer and printable fusibles along with other specialty papers here:

And so on…………………..I am by no means an expert, more an enthusiast - so if you have tips or ideas or experiences please comment  below and share them with us.  Or if you enjoy using more traditional methods of image transfer you might like to tell us about them so we can try them too. 



  • Posted by Janet Ryan on July 5th, 2015 at 11:44 p.m.
    I remember the old spoon and paper trick. this is soo much easier