Posted by Barbara on July 12th, 2015
Hoffman bali batiksYears ago Bali fabrics arriving from Hoffman would, every now and then, feature a foot print or bicycle track as part of their artisan charm.  I always thought these little gems really added to the authentic handcrafted nature of the fabrics and ought to be embraced rather than discarded.  Less desirable was the occasional bird deposit which was, nevertheless, easy to brush off.

Nowadays that doesn’t seem to happen and yet Hoffman’s beautiful batiks are still produced by hand on the lush tropical island of Bali.  The cotton fabric is either painted by hand, batiked, or created with as many as five different techniques used to make the finished piece. 

The patterns, which use traditional Batik methods, are created using a special copper chop. 
Bali chopBali chop

The chop is then dipped in hot wax and stamped onto the cloth, creating a wax-resisted design.
Bali Printing
The fabric is then saturated and hand painted with fibre reactive dyes.  Sometimes, this process is repeated several times with each overlay of colour adding a new dimension.  When the artist is happy with the look the cloth is boiled  and the wax is melted away.  Upon completion the vibrantly coloured fabric is stretched out in an open field to dry naturally in the sun.
balis drying in field
This is a short and fascinating video showing the whole process:
Each new range of balis that comes in from Hoffman is more beautiful than the last and the fact that they are still created largely by hand makes each piece unique and pretty special I think.
Click here to see the Hoffman Balis we have in stock : http://www.tiffaniestreasures.co.nz/shop/category/collection/hoffman/bali-handpaints/
and here to see what's coming in:



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