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Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA104
ByAnnie Pattern Handy wallet 7.5"x12.5" & folded about 4"x7.5" can hold keys, Passport - Pockets for coins, Licence, etc ..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA105
ByAnnie Pattern Perfect for scriptures, books, mini laptop & many more ! Satchel 8"x11.5"x3.5"..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA107-2
ByAnnie Pattern Large case with 4x see through pockets Organizer - 10"30" - Folded - 8"x10"..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA122-2
ByAnnie Pattern Laptop case & carrier Case-12"x14"x2" - Carrier- 12"x14.5"x3"..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA172
ByAnnie Pattern Yoga Bag -practical, durable & attractive Room for mat, rug, clothes & water bottle Size - 28"x7"x7"..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA179
ByAnnie Pattern Simple handy padded case Perfect for ipad & other electronic gear 11"x11.5"x1"..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA190
ByAnnie Pattern Small but mighty & stylish Perfect for travel - On the GO! 6"x8"x1.5"..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA191
ByAnnie Pattern Handy with lots of zippered pockets Removable zippered dividers 9"x8"x3"..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA192
ByAnnie Pattern Carry your cell phone, keys, lipstic & more Handy little case has 6 pockets 3"x5"x2"..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA198-2
ByAnnie Pattern Backpoack for students & professionals Stylish Backpack Size- 14"x12"x6" ..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA201
ByAnnie Pattern Travel essentials bag See through pockets Open Size - 12"x27"..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA206
ByAnnie Pattern Great for carrying project essentials Zippered Closures Sizes - XL, L, M, S..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA207
ByAnnie Pattern Spacious organizer with lots of pockets Removable pocket pages 10"x13.5"x4"..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA215
ByAnnie Pattern Perfect travel companion Carry a small machine 18.5"x13.75"x8"..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA217
ByAnnie Pattern Cosmetic Clutches in 3 sizes Magnetic closures Great for gifts..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA223
ByAnnie Pattern Gift for baby shower Quick & easy to make Playmat - Bottle carrier - Pacifier Pouch..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA225
ByAnnie Pattern Sturdy caddy with easy slip pockets Zippered pocket for secured items Size - 13.5"x7"x6.5"..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA226-2
ByAnnie Pattern Travel friendly backpack Handle & adjustable straps Size - 10"x12"x8"..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA227
ByAnnie Pattern Functional - Sturdy duffle bag Zippered & slip pockets Size - 16"x10x7"..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA227-2
ByAnnie Pattern Functional - Sturdy duffle bag Zippered & slip pockets Size - 16"x10x7"..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA229
ByAnnie Pattern Case to carry needles, hooks & supplies Divided pockets Size when closed - 10.5"x8.5"x3.5"..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA234
ByAnnie Pattern Tote Bag with project bag Outer slip & Inner zipped pockets Removable see thru project bag..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA235-2
ByAnnie Pattern Carry lunch in style Mesh pocket to hold ice pack & more Size 8"x9"x6"..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA237
ByAnnie Pattern Many uses of this versatile organizer from chargers, cords to first aid supplies 7.5"x10"x3"..
Brand: ByAnnie Model: PBA239
ByAnnie Pattern Perfect for quilting supplies, art supplies & more 2x sizes..
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